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JJ is Lucky
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This community is for fans of Jonathan Jackson's version of Lucky Spencer on General Hospital

This community is dedicated to the talented Jonathan Jackson and his amazing portrayal of Lucky Spencer on General Hospital. We want this community to be a safe, happy, informative place for all of Jonathan’s fans to visit. Posting is open to all members because we all have something to share. So feel free to post because as long as it is about Jonathan it’s relevant to our community. But please remember……….

Let’s stay positive. This is a soap opera and we expect drama on-screen. However, let’s leave the drama there. No bashing.

LJ cuts are fun. If you are posting spoilers, pictures or a long review, please use an LJ cut.

We are still establishing our community tags so for now the moderators will add tags to entries.
Also some posts will be Members Only to protect those willing to share with us.
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